Cambridge audio cxa61

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Cambridge audio cxa61

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Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amp Review

Sorry Nigel. The amp feels substantial and very well finished and, somehow, the circuit symmetry suggested by the dead-centre siting of its large, smartly dressed toroidal transformer seems more satisfyingly upmarket than the usual offset arrangement.

As before, general connectivity includes four line-level RCA inputs and a 3. Cambridge says its goal with the CXA61 was to further put the squeeze on distortion and colouration. To this end the analogue boards have had a going over with optimised op-amps and capacitor values, while the volume pot has been revised to minimise crosstalk. So much so that more care and experimentation are needed with partnering kit.

The Cyrus is far less impressive looking than the Cambridge, but packs a lot into its slim chassis, including a decent phono stage and an impressive W per channel of Class D power. That said, the CXA61 is also good enough in the right setting to show what the brilliant Hugo 2 DAC is capable of and gutsy enough to control a serious pair of floorstanders. If the old CXA60 was a close-but-no- cigar integrated, its successor might well have hit the jackpot at its price point.

But, if not quite limitless, the CXA61 is potent beyond its 60W and, given suitably talented support, a terrific amplifier, full stop. Tags: Recommended. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Save Saved Removed 0. User Rating: Be the first one! Product Features Photos. Its audio is a true and emotional delivery across thumping basslines, syncopated jazz rhythms, or distinctive vocals. Last update was on: am. It brings you closer to the music you love.

CXA61 handles 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers, delivering all the musical peaks and nuances you expect to hear. Improved aptX HD encoding helps enhance audio quality of music streaming from devices. Leave your review. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Find out how well products perform with the help of Top New Review's comprehensive tests.

Top New Review use some of the most exhaustive testing Site Links.The CXA61 is 60 watts per channel of pure excitement. The CXA61 is designed to bring you closer to the music you love. Analogue or digital, lo-fi or hi-res, the CXA61 lets the music take you where you want to go. Every choice of component, and every engineering decision, has been made in order to minimise colouration of the sound and maximise its accuracy.

Cambridge Audio has drawn on every one of its 50 years of experience to make the CXA61 its most accomplished integrated amplifier yet. An oversized toroidal transformer gives the CXA61 a muscular 60 watts of power for each channel.

Painstaking engineering gives it super-low levels of distortion and supreme electrical efficiency. The result is an amplifier with limitless reserves of power, ready to maximise the dynamic potential of any loudspeakers and able to play at any volume level without stress or distortion. The CXA61 features a reimagined power amp stage with optimised capacitors values, and a revised volume pot designed to offer minimised crosstalk. The result is a clean, short and pure signal path that allows your music unmatched coherence - at any volume.

cambridge audio cxa61

The amplifier is the heart and the engine of any system - and the CXA61 is able to power your favourite speakers and form the centre of your musical experience for years to come. United Kingdom Colour Luna Grey. Find a retailer. CX Series 2. The Sound Of Progress. Let Your Music Move You. Uncompromised Sound.

Power Without Corruption. Complete Musical Freedom. Read review.

cambridge audio cxa61

Show less What would the power output of the CXA be if I connect two pairs of speakers? Cancel Support Ticket. First Name. Last Name. Email address. Serial Numbers Order.There is now the USB input, missing in the previous series, as well as the possibility to connect to the amplifier via Bluetooth with aptX HD codec. Thanks to this compatibility, it is possible to control the players directly from your computer without having to perform any configuration, thus leaving users the freedom to enjoy the music without having to go into the configuration details of the system.

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How to extract audio from a video file. Android is the operating system with the most vulnerabilities in Motorola Moto G8: Everything you need to know.

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ZenScreen, Asus is a leader in the portable monitor sector. Nokia announces a partnership with Intel: Big plans for 5G. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Last updated Apr 13, 1. Amplifiers Cambridge Audio News. Wisely posts 0 comments. Prev Post How to extract audio from a video file. You might also like More from author. Prev Next.This new CXA61 integrated amp is powered by 60W and features a range of digital and analogue inputs see below and several major changes over the CXA60 model it replaces.

I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology. Hi Paul, Do you have any plans to review this? Then I read your review on the A and decided that could do for a while as it has a built-in phono amp.

The CXA61 is still within my budget for an amp but lacks the internal phono so going this route would be a tough sell unless the sound was clearly superior to the A. So I do have plans to review something from Cambridge.

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I need to talk to them first. The Mani would be a good choice for the phono amp although the built-in A phono amp is ok for now if cash is tight. The A is on my short list for a short-term fix. I just read your A review and liked your practicality and honesty. Hey Paul, First and foremost hope you and your family are safe. Secondly, great website. I stumbled across it when doing some research on which stereo system to buy. I understand the latter additions are a little more pricey, the catch is once I buy a system I will not be upgrading for quite a while.

Much thanks in advance. They work nicely together and both offer great value for money. Thanks Paul. Does the i lack bass when compared to the Elac B6. Also, any opinion on the new i?

Best stereo amplifier: Cambridge Audio CXA81 is Product of the Year

They claim frequencies as low as 46Hz. I never noticed that, bass on the i was nicely integrated. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Join my mailing list to receive the latest posts into your email inbox. Cambridge Audio has released the new CXA61 integrated amplifier, including a remote control and built-in DAC This new CXA61 integrated amp is powered by 60W and features a range of digital and analogue inputs see below and several major changes over the CXA60 model it replaces. To read more, contact cambridgeaudio.

Like this: Like Loading Subscribe to my weekly newsletter Join the mailing list to receive my weekly newsletter into your email inbox. By Paul Rigby. You Might Also Like. Aurora wireless music system From iFi 24th May Cambridge Audio updates a tried and true classic with the CXA When it comes to updating an already near perfect product, where do you begin?

That was the challenge for Cambridge Audio when it came time to refresh the multi-award winning CXA60, released back in Today we look at the new CXA61 which, while it maintains a similar build to the original, packs a few nice surprises under the hood.

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The first noticeable difference here is the new Lunar grey colour across the range. This is taken from the stunning new Edge series and should become closely associated with Cambridge Audio products over time. While the original CXA60 delivered an almost perfect combination of performance and features, the new CXA61 manages to squeeze in even more features and even better performance.

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The headline arrival on the new model is the inclusion of aptX HD Bluetooth out of the box; previously you needed an additional dongle which added an extra expense. Alongside the new Bluetooth input is the inclusion of a USB input for connecting to a computer, along with an RS and trigger inputs.

The later allow much greater integration in home installation projects while the USB brings even greater file support. The USB input is a nice inclusion for those looking to playback Hi-Res audio files in the greatest possible quality and a satisfying improvement over the older model.

In particular, the up sampling is a fantastic feature and draws extra detail from even less than perfect sources like Spotify. Considering the popularity of services like Spotify, an amplifier which can draw the best out of them alongside support for Hi-Res files, it makes this amp certainly one to consider.

To take advantage of these considerable digital talents, Cambridge have also tweaked and upgraded the pre and power amp stages. With these improvements we were particularly keen to sit down with the new CXA61 and listen to how all these improvements come together.

Beforehand we had connected the older CXA60 for comparison and the leap forward is very noticeable. The soundstage is wider, bringing a great live impression of energy in the room while the kicks of the drum punch in a way which leave the older model in the dust.

Switching to the analogue side of things, we plug in the Cambridge Audio Alva TT turntable to see how it performs. Starting up Talking Heads, the heart in the performance is compelling with rich vocals and stunning expanse. The improved Bluetooth also adds an easy to use connection for those just looking to sit down and listen. To see for yourself what the new model can do, why not contact your local Richer Sounds store today?

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All of our amplifiers follow our unique sound first design; they use hearty toroidal transformers and have all been uniquely voiced by our in-house pros for the best possible audio performance.

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cambridge audio cxa61

Amplifiers The heart of any hi-fi set up. Network Players. Disc Players. Phono Preamplifier. All-in-one Systems. Floorstanding speakers.


Standmount speakers. Bookshelf speakers. Surround speakers. In-Ceiling speakers. AV Receivers. Blu-Ray Players. TV Sound. CX Series 2. CX Series. AX Series. Minx Range. Topaz Series. Power Amp. With DAC. TV Compatible.

cambridge audio cxa61

Over 3 years in the making, utilising a team of 9 engineers, the result is Edge.The output power is specified by Cambridge with 2x60 Watt at 8 Ohm. Both models do not offer phono inputs. They will be available in November in the color "Lunar Grey".

A feast for the eyes of tube fans: McIntosh has placed the four tubes in the preamplifier of the new MA integrated amp right at the front, even ahead of the typical blue pointer instruments.

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As an alternative to the latest multi-channel AV receivers, Onkyo is launching the TX network stereo receiver for Euros in November. The new Accuphase E tops the performance of its predecessor and costs even less. If there were a hi-fi gold medal - this would deserve it.

At just about 1m tall, the slender PMC twenty 5. Do you like to dig in record boxes? Then your Eldorado is Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Why is clean power so important for perfect music reproduction? After all, any music reproduction is, in fact, not much more than a… more After 40 years Burmester presents its first turntable. And what a specimen it is! Thanks to best material plus clever ideas, the 60 kilogram heavy is a ,real… more Devialet launches the next stage of its revolutionary line of amplifiers.

Can the new Expert Pro reach high-end orbits? With its new Ovation 6. That cartridge sounded so nice a minute ago, but just a moment of clumsiness can turn it into a piece of junk, with the stylus or cantilever so easily damaged. So now… more A premiere: for the first time, the Berliner Philharmoniker recorded live in front of an audience using the direct cut method. The result appears exclusively on LP. No wonder in view of that many innovations.

And here they… more As a music and hi-fi fan, do you always have choose between style and sound? Speaker company Piega thinks not, and has been applying this philosophy for about 30 years… more Register now. News Reviews Archive Articles Issues. Tough Choice Our golden boy The new Accuphase E tops the performance of its predecessor and costs even less.

Music Lesson more Go with the flow At just about 1m tall, the slender PMC twenty 5. Live Wire Why is clean power so important for perfect music reproduction?

Massive After 40 years Burmester presents its first turntable.


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